Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lovell Island

This is an update of our trip to lovells island what a trip. i know it's late

When we arrived at our first Island (Lovell Island), what a minute we did learn in class the next day that some of our discoveries from the docks the day before were invasive species that come from boats, bilge water on the boats to name a couple of delivery systems of invasive species. Sounds like a country invading another. I digress this is about bio diversity- number of species exploring brackish waters.
as opposed to more open waters that we found on Lovell Island. This was a drawing I drew on the gangway when we disembarked onto Lovell Island. Very low tide at the beginning of the day. We walked along the Island eating Berries. We finally arrived after about a half mile of walking. Low Tide as I had mentioned before. They were about an inch to a foot deep. Relatively warm until you came upon the tide rushing in. Some pictures of our land friends we came across on Lovells.

in the tidal pools we came across some tunicates, snails, hermit crabs, Marine Snails were smooth, yellow to brownish, found in the tidal pool, differences from from the one's we saw in the tree. land snails were

Update:African land snail's are a invasive species check out this site http://www.massnrc.org/pests/pestFAQsheets/giantafricanlandsnail.html

Back to our land snails (Grove snails) my hypothesis for the snails all being in one position is that they are escargot to birds. they climb up trees and seem to be a delicious meal for a robin possibly. In my research for an explanation of this. I came across a pretty neat website located in Scotland and they were very interested in snails and they had a explanation why they had such great shells protecting them from a bird called a song thrush. They had a great camouflage system, The site is http://www.evolutionmegalab.org/en_GB//

As for the holes in the shells I came across a website National geographic, I posted a video with the cone snail killing a fish. Which convinced me they were not as innocent as I may have believed before. I don't know how predatory the different snails can be.

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