Friday, August 6, 2010

spectacle Island part 1

Here we are on spectacle Island, zee boat zee boat!!! Well once qwe got on spectacle it was pretty hot and humid. There was a nice breeze.
We went along the shoreline hunting for a good place to set our hulu hoop, transect. Our first one was high up on the beach. We measured it with a tape measure. 80 feet from lowtide and 16 feet from the sand berm.

we then were able to gather an abundance of

periwinkles well dead periwinkles were in abundance. many with holes in them.

Sand glass was everywhere! I never saw so much in my whole life talk about relative abundance. Artificial to environment would they be considered an invasive species? just joking.
for shells
blue muscles partial pieces
razor clams 5 pieces
slipper shell example

periwinkles 250 pieces
Barnacles dead
shell fish
partial white crab leg 1
tiny crab craw 1

This was our first transect

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