Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some questions from Bruce about our trip to Lovell's Island

I hope you have recuperated and rehydrated from yesterday's island adventures. We covered a lot of ground - and water - and gathered a lot of data and impressions along the way.

As you post your blog entry about the day, keep the following questions in mind.

Where did we go - and what did you see? How would you describe both the island and the shoreline habitat that we examined. What were the relevant conditions at the site ... (Time, tide, temperature, water clarity, etc.)

What sort of life did you see in the tidal pools. Describe it in words, as well as in pictures, drawings, etc. How many species did you see- and how common were they in the pool, or on the shore. How was what you observed similar - and how was it different - from what we saw under the docks at the Barking Crab. Do you have a hypothesis that explains the difference between the two sites?

Finally, a few words about snails.

Please take a few minutes to share your impressions of the different kinds of snails we saw.

How were the marine snails different from the land snails.

Do you have a hypothesis about the relationship between them?

Be sure to let me know what kind of snails they were, and finally, how those five land snail shells got on the beach near that big rock.

See you Wednesday.

All the best


(PS: Don't forget to read "The Tragedy of the Commons" before class on Wednesday, and check your email for last minute changes in plans.

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