Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spectacle Island

The treasures of Spectical Island:
I want to start this blog with some thoughts from our visit to spectacle island:
August 4, 2010.
12:15 pm We took the boat toward spectical island. The weather was very warm just as i liked it! Even though everyone was complaining about how "muggy" it was. The water didnt seem that clear to me this time, so ill have to give it a 3 in the sclae from 1-10. It took like 15 minutes to get to the island, its divided in two parts and you can get and spectacular view of the harbors. Theres two different beaches one side has a little recreational swimming and the other side is mostly sand, rocks and some little "treasures".
Spectical used to be a municipa land field before, and now is one of teh most popular destination of the boston harbor islands. The island has been lanscape, but is has been very impacted by people (as opposed to lovells islans, which is my favorite so far!). The tide was very low, it has non-subtidal pools.

Little treasures we found:

  1. Sea glass -Relative abundance-Very high (majority white/transparent seaglass).
  2. Moonsnail- Not so abundant, i've never seen one before but it seemed a pretty big size for a snail, i might say.
  3. Periwinkle shell with holes on them .
  4. Crabs shells. Not that many, color orange.
  5. Rocks. A lot of rocks, every size from mini rocks to huge rocks, all different shapes and colors, the one near the water with barnicles on them, not that much barnicles as the rocks seen on lovells island!
  6. Ceramics. That came from plates, bowls, etc.. A lot of colors ( blue designs seemed to be prevalent).
  7. Sand. Which we learned form the forffesor it was brough in the island for tourism purposes and make the island look more like a beach.

So, the island was not as exciting as lovells island to me, mostly because it was more interesting to see living moving species in the water than dead shells, etc ..on the sand, this is probaly because i didn not got deep in the water like at did at lovells island. I did like the different colors of the seaglass and im sure if i was able to find all the parts of some of those ceramic plates i would definetely like to keep some them. - Here is some info i gathered form the visitor center at the island: The island its 86-acres, it provides a ample healthy habitat for birds and other animals (like ducks, which i saw). Most of the species you see at spectacle island today were intentionally planted as part of the environmental restauration and surface protection of the island.

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