Friday, August 6, 2010

Striped Bass

Because in class I was given the position of the people for the ethical treatment of animals in the state of Maine, I decided to adopt the role of a commercial fisherman for the purpose of this blog. I think that it would be an easy conclusion to make, that in the state of Maine, where commercial fishing for Striped Bass is already illegal, people interested in commercial fishing for these fish would obviously want the federal ban lifted so that they can fish outside of the state waters. Now for how I personally feel about the ban... I very simply believe that the ban in the federal waters should remain as is. I believe that the states should be allowed to have whatever fishing laws they feel are best in their areas, but as far as the federal waters go, I suppose I am with PETA when I say that I see no logical reason for the ban to be lifted. Lifting the ban would imply the need for a whole bunch of new federal regulations on Striped Bass fishing in the countries waters and could easily lead to another decrease in the fishes overall abundance.

Now for the delicious bass I was able to take home and have for dinner last night! Here are a few pictures of how I "experimented" with it and what my "final conclusion" looked like:

-Luigi DiSisto

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