Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Striped Bass

The Recreational Fishermen of Connecticut:

The recreational fishermen of Connecticut are opposed to the Federal waters opening because there is no federal water right off the coast of Connecticut. If the Federal waters were opened, it would not help the recreational fishermen to be able to catch more fish. It would just give other states the opportunity to fish in more area of water than those of connecticut.

My thoughts:
I believe that opening the Federal waters but keeping the same limitations of each state seems to be the best idea. My thoughts for this are that since people cannot fish in federal waters, they may be more likely to take fish that are not within the regulations by the states. I feel that there are solid arguments for both recreational fishermen and commercial fishermen with regards to which one should be allowed to fish in these waters. I believe that there are positives to letting both recreational fishermen and commercial fishermen fish the federal waters. I may be more partial to recreational fishermen because I believe that commercial fishermen could be a larger cause of depletion. Although, commercial fishermen bring up a good point about recreational fishermen’s wasteful nature with regards to each individual fish caught and eaten. This is why I have come to the conclusion that both recreational and commercial fishermen should be able to fish in the federal waters if they are opened, which I believe they should be.

Classroom Experimentation and Anatomy Lesson:

During our classroom experimentation we were able to look up-close at the anatomy of the striped bass. The striped bass has a bony head that is connected to a muscular body right at the base of the head. The bass breathes through gills at this connection point. The striped bass's mouth is bendable and bass are able to open thier mouths very wide. The teeth of striped bass are kind of bristley. The ribs run right along the side of the fish and all of the fish's organs are stored in the belly which is located on the white underside of the fish. The fish has a similar anatomy as humans but it is a little differently setup.

Experimentations using heat and other experimental substances:

When experimenting with heat, my original thoughts were, “I have absolutely no clue how to do this!” After deciding that the best way would probably be just to use as little other ingredients as possible since I liked it raw so much that I want to keep the flavor. So I decided that the best way to cook this would be to just fry it up in a frying pan with some olive oil. After the bass was cooked, I tested it to make sure I didn’t completely destroy it. It was absolutely amazing and such a success. I was so happy.

All I have to say about this day is that 1. Striped bass are absolutely delicious and 2. I hope that they never become extinct because stupid fishermen over-fish them.

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