Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stellwagen bank

What a beautiful way to end what was the best course I have taken at BU hands down. To be honest, I had little hope that we were actually going to see A whale. I had never gone on a whale watch but my perception was that it was pretty hard to find them. I was happily mistaken. Not only to be able to see a whale but TWO sets of a mother and calf, AND a couple of minke whales, was amazing. What magnificent creatures. I was particularly impressed when the mother and the baby breached in unison. The only thing I think we didn't get to witness was a full breach. You can't have it all I guess. But I looked up why whales fully breach and came up with this "scientists believe that the violent impact upon landing could help remove parasites from their body. It could also be a part of a whale's social ritual, part of a pair's courtship, or to warn nearby whales about danger." ( It was also pretty hilarious to watch Bruce try to coax the narrator to talk about whale farts. Thank you bruce for a wonderful couple weeks. I learned so much and did so many things I have never done before (pick up a crab, see a whale, fillet a 20lb fish, and the list goes on). Thank you to all my fellow classmates for making the experience more than just a class. It wish you all the best of luck on the final and if I never see you again, a wonderful life.

Sincerely, Andrew Comenzo

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