Wednesday, August 4, 2010

8/1/10 Post

I had a very fun and interesting day on Lovell's Island. A few of my initial observations when we arrived on the island were how clear the water was in the tide pools, the incredible abundance of life in the pools, the air temperature was about in the low 70's (though that doesn't have much of an effect on the water temperature) around 10:30 in the morning when we arrived there, the beaches were for the most part sandy, and the tide was low. Using my Audubon Guide, I was able to identify another type of tunicate different than the ones I saw on the Barking Crab dock. The different tunicate was called the Club Tunicate. I would have to say that my hypothesis as to why the biodiversity and the overall abundance of life was greater on Lovell's than on the docks of the Barking Crab is because there is less boating traffic and human interaction on the island than there is on the dock. Another reason may simply be because of the totally different environments. I am not sure how exactly, but I would believe that where the docks behind the Barking Crab are just floating and the organisms that live there are always totally submerged, that would be different than the tide pools where you have different things affecting different factors of the environment such as tides affecting the depth and temperature of the water. A few animals that we looked at that I thought were really cool were the Asian Shore Crabs, the Green Crabs, and the very small Northern Lobster that we caught. When it was time to check out some snails, there were a whole bunch of interesting things that I came across. The first "snail" that I picked up actually turned out to be a Long Clawed Hermit Crab according to my Audubon guide. Others included (what looked to be the pretty abundant on the island) the Common Periwinkle Snails and the Grove Snails (a.k.a. Banded Snails due to their banded shells).

-Luigi DiSisto

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