Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The tide pool



Warm in the sun

No breeze



Pebble beach

Low tide

The tide pool:

Rocks bigger then pebbles

In the low water levels the rocks would get hotter and then warm up the surrounding water

But when you have an open rush of sea water it is very cold or the temp goes down

More mud then sand

Seems to give enough to creatures that like to be under cover or who use the cover to their advantage

Or what they can attach themselves to

But defiantly a wet environment

Creatures in the Tide Pool:

Different kind of Crabs:

    Ones that use others homes for their own that have one claw bigger than the other

    One that has is green and has 6 legs and 2 claws

    Baby lobster


    Deeper rocks in the water more barnacles on the rocks




Snails – Periwinkle

Sponges Tunicate



Growth of different kinds of plants



Hotter than the beach


Questions of snails:

Why are snails on the rock?

I cannot remember where I read this but on a website it says something about snail conserving energy by following other snails. They have to produce less mucus so they follow them on the line.

What kind of snails?
How are they are related?
Why so the shells have a whole?

Checkered Periwinkle

I think it is a close cousin to the periwinkle but could not find the land snail. The colors seem to go well

Descriptions are close to the land snail that it comes in from a shell, thought the snails in the sea are slightly heavier. Yet they still have a whole , Which might come from predators coming in or the shell becomes brittle after the snail dies.









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