Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 4 Lovell's and George's

Comparison of day 3 vs. day 4 habitat:
  • Although both were in sea water, the composition of the surroundings was different.

  • Day 3 had an open ocean to swim in and out off while the day 4 experience at Lovell's involved multiple tidepools, three to be exact.
  • In addition to the surroundings, we were able to actually go into the habitat's environment in a more direct way vs. the night before where we could only lean forward and hope to grab something.
  • Water temperatures varied dramatically as we walked through-out the tidal pool going from a cold temperature to a very comfortable temperature where the sun was. It was explained that the water coming from the sea in the further-out pools were causing the water to be colder and yet the water in the inner pool was warmer because it had settled there longer.
  • The water appeared to have a whitish film of some kind in certain sections near the perimeter of some of the rocks.
  • Aside from the comforts of the field study and the overal environment, the animals were of a sligh variation at least for me,


--Periwinkles seemed to be more so than day 3.
--Asian Shore Crab: there were plenty of these to go around and easy to get to by
just flipping the rocks over but I thought difficult to spot at a glance because of
their size and how they camaflouge with the other sea colors.
--Tunicates: I saw several of these in the 3rd tidal pool. I had not seen them squirt
before therefore this was a first for me. (picture found using google images)

-- The far tidalpool had a set of plants that looked like a mini-coral reef.

--Sea Urchin Shells there were some around the pool but I did not see the actual
Urchin inside. The shell was round with a whole in the middle and spherical all
around with a green almost sage color.
--Empty clam shell was found with some muscle left inside.

The snail shells found all over the Island were mostlikely consumed by the birds. Maybe a songbird or a duck.

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