Friday, August 1, 2008


My name is Hannah. Im a full time student at BU. Im pre-med but my major is International Relations with a focus on environment and development in Sub-Saharan Africa. I hope to pursue a dual MD-MPH in graduate school. 
My home town is Baltimore, so I grew up going to our own harbor. I can't say that I explored much of the sea-life down there, but I can say that blue crabs are worth making the trip to Maryland for! 
I took this class because I was prepping for the MCATs and realized that, while Ecology wasn't such a big part of the exam  I didnt get much out of the Bio/Eco class that I took two years ago. This course looked interesting so I signed up... plus, I've never been whale watching. 

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Boston's BayWatcher said...

If you think the fact that you are a Red Sox fan will influence me, you are very very - correct!
(only fooling)