Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whale Watching @ Stellwagen Bank

Kris Pandeli

Thursday, August 7 2008

Whale Watching @ Stellwagen Bank

I have been living in Boston for the past 8 years and I never knew what I was really missing out on. To see whales on TV is interesting but to see them in person is fascinating. The day began as usual, we all meet at the Longwharf at around 8:30 AM and then we took the 9:30 AM boat to go see whales. From my experience, I always heard people say that they went whale watching but never saw anything. So I was hopping that would not be the case today. And it wasn’t. Not too long before the ship had come to an almost complete stop I and my classmates were rushing to get to the top deck. There was some sort of silence as people were trying to spot anything around the boat, and then I saw everyone rushing to the font side. There for the first time in my life I could claim that I saw a whale. And the cool thing is that I could identify it. It was a humpback whale. The research that I did for my short assignment the day before was very helpful because I researched the different whales that could be spotted at the Stellwagen Bank.

Actually there was a pack of whales or as I overheard someone say that they were in association. Nevertheless, they were amazing to look at. Their back was black and looked slippery, must have been from their oily skin. The underneath was white with some sort of pattern. The tour guide said that they can identify each one of them by the white and black pattern of the whale’s flukes. And then I heard her identify the biggest two as Cajun and Crown. The smaller whales swimming alongside them were their young calves. The tour guide also said that the whales were “logging”, meaning that they were sort of just floating in the water. But when you least expect it they all dove down and disappeared for about 5-7 minutes. Then on the other side of the boat they reappeared. As they were coming out of the water again you could first spot their long whiter flippers and then you could see the head get exposed and then the humpback of the whale. This process was repetitive. Ooo and yeahh, I say the blowholes and not too long after this bad smell, like some bad broccoli, it was their bad breath. I took pictures and video clips so that I could show to my family members and also to post here on the blog. But at some point I stopped taking picture because I just wanted to enjoy looking at the whales.

This trip was very very exciting and I plan on doing again with my family members, so that they can see the whales too. I will be their guide this time around. Enjoy the short clip below!!

~Kris Pandeli

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