Sunday, August 10, 2008

Final experiment

After our final class on Friday I brought home a piece of filet and cooked it for dinner that night. I rubbed the fish first with sea salt and pepper, then with garlic-infused olive oil. I sprinkled it with fresh chopped rosemary from my garden and added thin slices of lime. I placed the fish on aluminum foil and baked it at 450 degrees until it was cooked all the way through (approximately 10 minutes). The result was excellent! These results were confirmed by independent peer review by my brother. Since he himself is an excellent cook, I took this to be quite a high compliment.

Rosemary-lime large mouth bass filet served with spicy chili-garlic spinach and herbed couscous, garnished with fresh cherry tomatoes.

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HDS said...

i love spinach. i love rosemary and lime rubs. i dont so much love couscous, but i love tomatoes. that looks unbelievable!