Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whales and Stellwagen Bank Observations

Wow....... What a day.
I was looking forward to today's trip very much. It had been a long time since I was on a whale watch and I can tell you that today's trip was 100 times better than the last one. It was interesting to see how excited the class was as well. People seemed to really be interested in going out and finding new and exciting things to see.

A few of the things that caught my interest were the tuna fishing that Bruce pointed out to us on the port side of the boat just prior to getting to the area where the whales were. Seeing the kites and the # of boats with them intrigued me. I am not really sure what the purpose of the kites are, but will find out. I have been on charted fishing trips where we saw tuna pods and it was cool as they traveled in a pod, and seemed to emerge than quickly submerge only to reappeared 100 to 200 yds away.

Today I was able to observe mostly humpback whales. One of our group thought they saw a Fin whale, but I did not see it. After seeing the tuna fishing my eyes then focused on the whales spout blowing in the distance. I then saw about 6 or 7 whales at the front of the boat, which I understand is rare. I than decided I wanted to get a closer look and headed down to the lower level of the boat which was less crowded. at the stern we saw three whales. One of the whales was logging or sleeping, the announcer said that when they do this that one half of there brain is shut down. My wife has accused me of that, so now I have an answer ( Honey I am just logging).

I was fortunate to see the whales form a very close distance. Under water their under bellies looked to be almost green, when out of the water they were white. The spouts were wider then I imagined about six inches wide.

My trip to the Aquarium was brief. I have to say that the jelly fish displays were beautiful. Under the lights their movements are really very smooth and surreal. Unfortunately having been stung by both red jellies and a Portuguese man of war theses guy's are not my favorite forms of sea life. I did not learn much more about Stellwagen Bank than I learned from the pre trip research or the Stellwagen Soundings magazine.

All in all... Not a bad way to spend the morning


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