Saturday, August 2, 2008

Observations were well made at Boston Harbor today - specifically at the Barking Crab docks.
Conditions: Mostly Sunny, mid-70's

Eyes, Gloves, Magnifying Glass, Plastic Bag (to collect for later observation), , Pen and Notebook

I came across somethings that were rather familiar looking and once taking a look at a field guide I could correctly identify them - blue mussels, anemone (pretty cool) and it looks like we all came across similar types of seaweed (did anyone notice how delicate some of them were?!)

The picture below shows a great close-up of that orange jelly substance we all came across!

One thing that surprised me was when I went to grab ahold of a piece of seaweed underwater, my hand gently swept over what I would describe as this brownish in color, and rather fuzzy looking plant growth (It looked about 3-4'' in length ). It then squirted out a bright orange substance (this was much thinner and more airy than the orange mass pictured below). After pulling it from the water there seemed to be a number of baby mussels attached to it and a lot of those tiny shrimp-like creatures we've all been seeing. Once observed out of the water it definitely felt more rubber-like and mushy and seemed to resemble more of a sponge
...any thoughts on this one?

I'll try to get a picture or drawing of this to you all tomorrow!

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