Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Observation- Jason lawrence

Jason Lawrence
Today we looked at marine life attached to docks in the inner bay of Boston Harbor. More specifically the docks located behind the Barking Crab restaurant. The time at which the study took place was at 11 am to around 1230pm. The weather was partly sunny with modertate tempatures in the 70s. The tide was low, but was rising. The method we used was to observe the sea life attacehd to the docks under water, then take a handful from under the water and examine it closely, above water. The tools available to me was a pen, paper, and of course my senses.

My observations from the out side of the water was extremely different from what I actually saw when I pulled the marine life out of the water. After closer examaniton there was alot more species in the 2x2 sample after I pulled it out.
In my observations I observed an orange, mushy like substance that was attached to the mussels and the rockweed. The orange substance seemed to have small miniature circles attached to it. After looking it up this was an encrusting sponge which I believe to be a orange sheath tunicate. Also on the sample was three mussels surrounded by what looked like a colony of baby mussels. These mussels were blue mussels. I also noticed small creatures that were very active with there legs and had an orange to red tint. I believe these to be Linear skeletal shrimp because of there color and segemented body. There was one piece of the sample that I could not explain it was what looks like a type of sponge or sea squirt. It was black, but had what looked like a flower design in green on the outside. It was spongy and popped when I pushed it in. I will keep trying to figure this one out. Im having trouble with uploading pictures so I will bring the drawing to class tomorrow.

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