Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

Objective: Determine whether the Inner Harbor biodiversity is greater then the biodiversity of the Boston Harbor Island State Park.
Location: Lovells Island, Tide Pool
Time: 9:30am EST
Tide: Low
Weather: Sunny 80, West wind around 11am mph
Observation: Periwinkle Snails, Dog Whelk, Kelp, Rock Weed, Hollow Green Wood, and Barnicals.
On the island I found 14 Periwinkle Snails. Them were in the cracks of the wall of an old war hole. Periwinkle Snails like moisture and the walls where moist. The snails bodies were soft some had white foot and some had tan foot with little horns. I observed some snails closing their disk to protect them self from me. Then I observed them eating leafs from a tree. While feeding they partially withdraw their head and appeared to be in a peaceful state. 
I observed 100 Periwinkle Snail shells. They all had V shaped lips. Their colors varied from yellow with brown stripes, brown with bark brown stripes, one all yellow shell.  
The Periwinkle Snail is the same specie that come in different colors and sizes. 

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