Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whale watching on Stellwagen Bank

I have never been on a whale watch before and was very excited. I did not know what to expect and was kind of nervous that we would not see any whales at all. Well I had no reason to be nervous because I had a Whale of a time!! haha. Seriously though, I have never seen whales before and to be able to see them that close was really remarkable. What I first noticed about them was their size. I had no idea that they were that large. The Humpback Whale, which we observed, was unique. The whale gets its name from the small hump on its back behind its fin and has greenish tint to its skin and fins under the water. What I found interesting was how the whales today traveled together in what are called associations. I always thought whales were the type of creature that swam solo, but seeing them swim together in almost unison really displays the beauty of the mammal.
When the whales rose to the water and blew the air out of its spot, I noticed that the blowhole was not just one, but rather three holes together. Also the air it shot out was a lot higher than I anticipated. After they released the air they dove to feed. When they did this it was possible to see the underlings of their tail. Some of the tails where all white while others had a mix of both white and blue. After the dive the surface was left with a calming sensation, which stayed on the waters surface for about a minute. After following the whales for about an hour we headed in and I took a nap, which was must needed.
My aquarium visit was brief, but I did take in the jellyfish exhibit along with the Sharks and Penguins. Some of the Jellyfish were really different and I was set back by how many different kinds there were. The shark’s tank was anticlimactic because I only saw two sharks, and after watching shark week all last week on TV, I was waiting for him to attack the diver or jump over the glass. No such luck. Overall I would have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my day, both on the water and out.

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