Sunday, August 3, 2008

Entry 8/2/2008

Name: Helen Chang
Date: 8/2/2008
Location: Fort Point Landing, 88 Sleeper St, Boston, MA. Docks behind Barking Crab.
Weather: Near 70s-80s, Cloudy with thunderstorms later in the day.

Tools: Eyes, poking instruments(pencil), notebook and guidebook.

Key Findings:
Blue Mussel Colony
Tiny shrimps
Stick like Worms
Orange Glob
Orange coral like items

Observations: Mussels were found scattered along the docks, possible seagull remains and also they were found along the side of the docks that we were looking at. Their were signs of a colony growing by the area which indicated a good source of nutrients growing and a healthy environment for these mussels. One these mussels we could observe various items attached to the shell. Some were orange, white and green. The ones that were pulled up were already dead and had opened already.
Seaweed was the most commonly found items near the dock. There were different kinds and shapes f the seaweed. Some were small leaf like, clover like, big leaf like, and some just grew with bean sprout like structures. When pulling up the seaweed to take a closer look items such as white tiny shells, orange palette like globs and brownish spots could be found on these seaweed.
The orange jelly-like item were also found on various times and could also be seen lying face down on the docks. We tried poking the orange glob and we found micro-organisms coming out of the glob. At first we thought it was a egg of some sort however different organisms were found to be living in the glob. Taking a closer look one could observe tiny little holes in the globs which made it possible for living organisms to be living inside this jelly like container.
We saw various tiny shrimps the size of half a staple also moving about this orange coral like item. Poking this structure with a pencil one could tell the texture was rather strong and hard to break. Also attached to the orange coral was these string thin like animals that were about a quarter of an inch long. They were attached to the orange coral and when touched would wiggle and move around.

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