Saturday, August 2, 2008

Barking crab Dock

Today we went to Barking Crab dock and saw bluish color mussels all over in water and I found out from my guide book that they are "Blue Mussel" . I have uploaded some pictures too. We took out some mussels and saw that they are sticked together and are in large quantity . I saw that their was some orange thing in patches or were kind of tubes which i earlier thought it to be a sponge later when some one came up with the orange thing to be a kind of sea squirts I checked the guide and I just found out that it might Orange Sheath Tunicates and they grow on docks and rocks . If you see in a picture i uploaded you can see some small mussels growing or attached to the bigger ones and I think that they are also Blue mussels tiny blue mussels. I found one blue mussel which was closed and on opening it i found some skinny kind of thing and I think some thing was forming inside it .
I even saw many insects on the mussels and I think that they were feeding or living on the mussels .The insect I saw was a sikinny and had an long with long antennae first i thought it to be a worm but when i was going through my guide book then I realized that its a shrimp and the picture shown on the guide book was quite similar to what I saw but I am not that sure its a Linear skeleton Shrimp which is found amoung sea weeds , bushy hydro ids . I even saw Sea weeds some were brown and green translucent leafed shaped while other one was red and was netty like thing . I noticed one more thing that the place where the area had sunlight had brown color sea weeds and the area where it was a shade it had green color sea weeds though I am not sure about it but ya i noticed it many times. Sea weeds had some worm like animals and i am still not able to figure it out that what it was but it was some thing tiny and was crawling all over the sea weed with many legs. On some sea weeds their was a brownish color covering with tiny holes on it which could be the home of those insects .....

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