Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whale Watching

Personal experiences whale watching:

This whale watch was my third or fourth one I believe. This particular whale watch had much better views of the whales than any of the others I remember. Today we saw a group of humpback whales. One of the things that ES141 has taught me is too look for patterns and attributes that may relate to explain the factual reason behind something else. I noticed an area of the water that was flat and smooth and had been unaffected by the normal noise of ocean waves. The area was caused by the whale diving which creates forces on the water that creates the smoothness effect. Old whalers had incorrectly thought this was oil on top of the water. Another fact about whales I was not aware of was the whale can stay stationary with their blowhole exposed, and they did that frequently. From the photos I was surprised to see how much the underside of the humpback looks like it was painted white. Even the top side of the humpback has a dark gray painted look to it. I did suffer the same motion sickness on the way in as everyone else did and must also note the Dramamine was not as effective as I would have expected, though I suspect being on three hours of sleep was more likely the cause. Still, definitely the most enjoyable whale watch I have ever been on.

As this is a blog, I thought it would be appropriate to put in a brief mention about the camera I used, since a few asked about it. It's a Sony Digital SLR A100 10 megapixel camera using a Tamron 75-300mm F4/5.6 lens. I used Paint Shop Pro 9 to quickly adjust the lighting in the photos.

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