Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Day of Class!

I did NOT expect the last day of class to be spent like this but I am glad I stuck around for it! This massive Striped Bass was dissected by the professor and fellow classmates at our very own Boston University. All of us got our hands a little messy in order to get a thorough examination of the fish, inner organs and all! 


First off, I didn't realize the art behind filleting a fish. This was the only experience I've had in seeing it out of the coffin, onto the table, cut up, and then made ready to eat right then and there. 

I stood there the whole time staring so I wasn't able to record much in my notebook - my memory isn't the best either. So, I can only recall a few points; the dark red meat is considered to be the fat of the fish - PCBs (toxins) are known to be found in this area. 

In addition, to tell if the fish is fresh you can look at the eyes and the color of its gills. One point about this particular fish that stuck with me was the fact that when a striped bass feels threatened or is attacked, it will vomit. This is probably the most bizarre defense mechanism I've ever heard of but apparently it can work quite well - unfortunately not for this fellow!

I decided to head out as soon as Chef Bruce began preparing the Sashimi. I hope you all enjoyed it - it looks like you guys did! 

Yours Truly, 
Liz Z


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