Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Day: What a day!! (Kris pandeli)

Friday, August 8, 2008.
Boston University
Kitchen Lab

Last Day: Dissecting Wild Striped Bass

What a way to end class. First we get a breeze of Boston Harbor, and then we get to explore the islands, snails and whales. And then we get a taste of the fresh Stripe Bass. Dissecting the 3ft long Bass was cool in certain ways. 1. We get to cut it 2. We get to learn about its organs, and 3. The best part of it, we get to eat it. The fish was big and fresh, you could tell from the gills as seen in the picture to the right. First it was fresh because I could see the red gills, indicating that it was caught the day before. The second way that I could tell it was fresh is,,,,well, we picked it up the day before at John Nagle Co.,

Anyways, “E tu Brute” said the fish when Professor Bruce Berman stabbed him. The professor explained and demonstrated as seen in the picture on how to fillet the fish, and along with him a few students took turns to follow his instructions. Ironic, the same thing happened to Julius Cesar. I’m just joking. I must agree with Erald in saying that the professor was an expert when it comes to filleting and making sushi, but when it comes to real the Chef Boyardee , AKA Kris Pandeli, just check out the pictures of the Fired Wild Stripe Bass Dish I prepared, and ate it all by myself. Well I couldn’t wait to eat it anyways, it was fresh and I was hungry, besides I took home tow pieces. I love eating fish. And now I know where to get it fresh. With a discount too!!!

The recipe of my dish included: Salt, black pepper, a little of olive oil, lemon and lemon juice, bay leaves, and accompanied by a glass of wine. I had to make it look good. Well it tasted even better.

In the end it wasn’t just about the tasty wild stripe bass, or the snails, well it was but, it was about the whole Mass Bay. Living here in Boston for 8 years I learned, in just a week, how important it is to take care of our harbor. How interconnected everything is, from tiny creatures of the Barking Crab to the whales of the Stellwagen Bank to our city and to all of us. It is like the domino effect, we all are a big cycle and we can affect one another in our surroundings, and if we take care of it we are taking care of ourselves.

~ Kris Pandeli


Chris said...

That dish looks really good! You should open up a restaurant!

Kris Pandeli said...

hahhahaha thanks, yeah I'll open it right by Boston Harbor, next to the ice cream shop.

Jordy said...

Wow--well done, your dish looks great :)

Jackie said...

Hey Kris, I don't eat fish, but that looks yummy. I agree with you on learning the value of the Boston Harbor ecosystem. I too have lived in Boston for a while, and never took advantage of our Harbor playground. Mostly due to ignorance. I'm glad to finally have my eyes opened to such a spectacular jewel in our city.

HDS said...

That fish looks great... wine was a classy touch (especially in the water glass), haha only kidding. I like this posting. I think it was a nice way to wrap up the class!

Kris Pandeli said...

hahahha I knew that someone was going to notice the wine in the watter glass.