Thursday, August 7, 2008

WHALE WATCH ...........

As I am in High school Honors Program The University people took us for the whale watch and aquarium two weeks back and I found it quit boring but the one today was amazing I really enjoyed it , we were kind of surrounded by whales today. I saw Humpback whales and they were awesome black and huge . Today I many things about whales some interesting facts too like whales have smaller lungs than humans and they are very well adapted to the environment.Whales generally do not hang out together or if you find them in a group then they do not really care whom are they and hang out themselves. I noticed two activities "logging and Blow" . according to a guide to whale behavior BLOW refers to both the act of breathing and the cloud of air and condensed water that the whale releases voluntarily at the surface and LOGGING is when a whale lies at a surface . It is believed that whales do not actually sleep but rest half their brain at a time during this inactive state.I even learned that the whales have hump back and are the only whales which have hair . I saw around 7-8 whales and know only the name of two one was crown and the other one was Cajun . I saw some whales diving and learned that whales are recognized by the type of tails they have and they are like fingerprints for them .
Overall it was a very good experience and I loved it .

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