Saturday, July 12, 2014

Exploring Boston Harbor

Today we went out into Boston Harbor and got our first look into the islands and some of the little critters and plants that live in/around the area ..humans included. We met outside by the Starbucks in the Marriott Long Wharf and learned about the importance of the docks and the economy of Boston. Ships with important trading materials brought wealth and development to the area. However they also brought alien species of marine life that took the harbor as their new home. 

After looking at some Striped Bass in the docks next to the aquarium, we boarded the ferry to Hignham to get out into the Harbor. 

Our first stop was at George's Island
Nearby I noticed a wind turbine used to generate energy in a clean way for the island

We continued on to Hingham and on the way notices a sail boat that had sailed into a patch land and gotten stuck.

On the way back from Hingham we stopped at Hull Island and continued on to East Boston. Just before getting to East Boston we got to see the Deer Island sewage treatment plant.

Once we left East Boston we got to see tons of Jelly Fish in the waters, and old sail boats.

When we arrived back to Boston the tide had gone down significantly and some of the effects of human pollution were made very obvious. 

Overall the trip was amazing and a great way to take in the beauty of the Harbor and the Islands. It is easy to see how the Harbor has played a significant role in the development of Boston and how vital it is to maintain its ecosystem.

Hector Mendoza

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