Thursday, July 17, 2014

On Sunday, July 13, 2014, for our third class we explored the Water Transportation Dock at the Fan Pier Cove and life under the docks at the ‘Barking Crab’.  Where my team the ‘Oldies but Goodies’ (OBG) and I found 15 species.


The first three were found on the Water Transportation Dock. There a [#1] half eaten crab and a shell of a [#2] blue mussel (which happened to have some [#3] Acorn Barnacles attached to its outer shell) appeared to be the remains of a bird(s) lunch.


We then went on to the docks behind the restaurant called the ‘Barking Crab’ to lay on the docks to discover more living species that we imagined.  When watching the video below keep an eye on the middle part of the screen to see some [#4] micro shrimp larvae and [#5] crab larvae (area to watch is circled in green in the still-shot on the left below).  Then watch it again to see something truly amazing towards the bottom right of the screen.  What first appears to be a string begins to move rapidly (this area is circled in red in the still-shot on the right below), which is a [#6] skeleton shrimp:



You may have to watch it a few times to catch seeing what was identified as:


     and in the red:    Video: 


There were 4 different types of seaweed varieties (photo below were taken from the side of dock) and some Moon Jelly fish (some alive and some dead) floating about close to the docks:




And the last were in a lobster trap that Bruce pulled up out of the water, which contained [#12] a pair of what we refer to as ‘Maine lobsters’, [#13] a couple of muddy brownish/grey bumpy crabs, [#14] another pair of reddish/orange crabs and finally [#15] what is commonly known as a ‘starfish’:




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