Thursday, July 24, 2014

Assignment 1: Part 2

Part 2- Lovells Island
Time: 2014/07/18 11:45-14:30
Location: Tide pool at Lovells Island 
Tide: Low
Periwinkle's scientific name is Littorina Litorea. It is Introduced from Europe; Nova Scotia to Virginia; prefers hard surfaces; estuarine; intertidal to subtidal during winter.
2.Asian Shore Crab: 
Its scientific name is Hemigrapsus sanguineus. It has band legs, red spot on claws, variable colors; square shape, 3 marginal teeth. It is introduced from Asia, distributed from Maine to North Carolina. It prefers rocks, cobble. It lives from intertidal to subtidal in winter.
3. Barnacle
The barnacles we found in the tide pool is Northern Rock Barnacle(scientific name Semibalanoides). They are the most common New England intertidal barnacle. They have 6 plates and  a broad basal plate. They are native species distributed from northern Atlantic to Delaware. They prefer to live on hard surfaces from intertidal to shallow subtidal.
4. Red Sheath Tunicate: 
Its scientific name is Botylloides violaceus. It  has small zooids (0.1inches), arranged in loose circles, rows, or dense clusters. Its color is bright reddish.   It is introduces from Pacific, Distributed from Maine to Virginia.  It attached on docks, protected areas and also overgrows on other organism. It lives at shallow subtidal.


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