Friday, July 11, 2014

Assignment 1

My name is Patrick Jamal, i'm originally from the north shore. Have grown up spending summers on the Cape and am a lover of the beach.

Anyways as for the question about the water draining in the northern hemisphere, I saw the water drain in the clockwise direction, after some research and asking my friend in Australia about it, he pointed me in the direction of the Coriolis Effect, which explains why things spin in a direction depending on the location they're in. In short liquids such as air or water in the northern hemisphere spin to the left, and the opposite happens in the southern hemisphere. This is from the earth rotation, and the example given in the video which helped me understand this effect better was Texas rotates faster than Nebraska, so when a plane is flying, the world spinning will pull the plane to the right as earth spinning creates a pull effect.    

Helpful video on the effect:

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Patrick Jamal

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