Thursday, July 17, 2014

#adventure2 The Paris of Massachusetts

Hi how are you guys? Im electric, thanks so much for asking.

On July 13th we went on another adventure in Boston Aka the Paris of Massachusetts. I think its safe to say we pretty much kicked the shit out of it AGAIN.

So since you are all wondering how I spent every single waking second of my day, I'll totally tell you! First JP & I took an exhilarating car ride with my mother... #teamwork. We got to our meeting point so we had time to kill and got to go meet some pretty cool locals!
So I changed my mind...time to cut the chit chat... we saw a lot of really weird stuff and I got some cuts...but I'm immortal so don't worry.

We hung out at Fan Pier like a bunch of cool guys 

We hung out on the docks of the Barking Crab like a bunch of old pros

We broke up into groups so it would be easier to take selfies
That worked out really well for us.

We found a ton of gross stuff...I pretty much committed to the position of person who touches all the that was great for me...
We lifted this rope that was hanging off the dock and that is where we found most of the specimens we focused on. 
It was pretty much the grossest thing I touched...that day.
We missed the lobsters and sea stars...because we were totally committed to the research ...and because no one told us #RUDE.

We got to go have some killer lunch at the Barking Crab, and they totally didn't even freak out that much when we put our gross specimens on the table! 
When we were looking through the guides we pretty much were able to narrow down some of the things we found.
-Golden star tunicate
-sandy lobed amaroucium
-sea pork 
-sea lettuce
-Club tunicate
-Skeleton shrimp 
there were some things I was not sure about, like there was these gross legs coming out of the rope we pulled out of the water...but they were just legs...looked like spider legs...i did not love that.  So I took a guess and thought they were either
-Slender Isopods

We took some more selfies because we got tired of working 
Which is great for you guys because I am exquisite.

And then we had a hard time splitting the bill because we have never eaten in a large group before... OR AT LEAST IT SEEMED THAT WAY.

Then we threw out our specimens because honestly they reeked really bad.


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