Friday, July 18, 2014

Team #SomethingFishy

Last Sunday we took a look at some of the amazing species that we can find in the harbor and under the barking crab.

After a trip on the cultural connector we arrived at the seaport and invistigated the docks to see what kind of marine life we could find on the docks. I was part of team somethingfishy along with patrick and erick. We saw some bits is shells scattered around by seaguls feasting. The shells had lots of acorn barnacles on them, and the pillars hilding the docks did as well. The barnacles were small, about 1/4 of an inch. On the docksthat did not leave the water we could see lettuce seaweed growing along with other types of marine life such as blue mussels, barnacles, and golden star tunicates. 

We ventured our way towards the barking crab amd its public dock. We were allowed to take a look under them to see just what secrets the crab holds. First thing we picked out of the water was this weird yellow plump squishy thing that looked like a wad of old chewed gum. We assumed it was something like an egg sack, it however turned out to be a pleated sea squirt. This sea squirt was attached to a blue mussle but what inside the mussle was far different. A slimy bug that looked alot like a centipede layed inside, we assume it is some kind of isopod but we have yet to discover what it truly is. Around the whole area were moon jelly fish floating with the current along with the waving sea lettuce on the docks.  Finally we got to see the lobster trap and its contents, north Atlantic lobster and commom spider crabs.

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