Thursday, July 24, 2014

operation fishing

Alrighty….so this was my first time fishing and let me just say this: I SUCK!

But any who, first we started with a sea worm which totally reaped me out.  I mean the thing had fangs and when it opened it's mouth the fangs came out and it was pretty scary.  To be honest, I didn't really touch it.  What can I say?  I'm a scaredy cat.  Apparently, this is the thing that helps us catch small fish like Black sea bass (which was about 15 inches in length).  This bad boy was actually pretty.  It's scales and fins made it look like a whiskery type fish…if that makes any sense.  It was black and grey in color.  The sea work also helped us catch a two flounders (Right eyed might I add).  the flounders are cool because they start off with their eyes on each side and the eyes slowly move to one side of their body…creepy…but amazing.  One flounder is about 12 inches and the other was about 16 inches.  See pics:

Silver hake whiting was used to catch the big one:  The 38 inch striped bass!! 

 Look at the size of that bass!  Look at it's gills.  So pretty.  Too bad I'm allergic to fish because I would not have minded eating that bad boy!

I forgot to add, before we left on the boat, we saw this cool visual of how the tide rises and what sorts of living things attach to the docks.  This right here shows how high the tide rises and shows that further down, certain plants algae prefer to be far away from the sun.

 Here are my notes on the fishing part of our trip…please don't judge the drawings!

Part 2:  We had to find 4 living things at Lovell's island.  Here are my four:

1.  hermit crab
2. Asian shore crab
3. Periwinkle
4. Barnacles

Welp, I learned a lot.  I even went to P-Town and found my very own hermit crab and showed it to my son and as promised by Bruce, my son was thoroughly impressed and I earned brownie points #YayBrownies

Oh and here's us knocking em back on the boat afterwards.  What happened after is a secret…let's just say it involved lots of water and tylenol the next day #Friends4Eva

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