Thursday, July 24, 2014

S2W Part I: Recreational Fishing -Here fishy-fishy!

First of all, I want to say that this class will be filed away in my psyche, as one of my fave college experience next to winning a Coach Bag at the "Not Your Grandma's Bingo night!"  Truly, I am not a boater; however, I do love a cute Sperry boat shoe which I will wear next time.  I did enjoy this excursion on the water to participate in our field trip of Recreational Fishing.  Geesh!  I have been photo bombed by the "pirate mop" ha-ha-ha!

 Part I
Introducing the "Sea worm" this thriving species made it debut as bait to catch our fish.  My observation was this species was not a happy camper, by rapidly extending its pinchers out to stick foreign fingers.  The poor things were being grabbed up to be placed on the hooks, as bait.  The Sea worm estimate was about 8"; appearing a dull gray color with an orange/reddish highlight along its edges by its quickly moving uncountable feet , with an estimate of about 6-8 body sections where the prime area consisted of the worms excrement section and a deep vein down the backside of its belly.
CPE Sea Worm drawing

Our first catch was a "Black Sea Bass" that was in full defense mode throwing up its signs of the will to live flexing his dangerous top fins that cut a few classmates poking fingers. The BSB was a color mix of deep charcoal gray, black speckles, and white under body at a length of about 14".

Black Sea Bass

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CPE Black Sea Bass drawing

 Our second catch were a couple of floppy right side eyed flounder, but not simultaneously.  They were 12" and 16" in length having merging eye balls to its right side.  The hue on the body in my view appears to be sort of greenish brown with a couple of dark age spots throughout its right side only with pale pink fins; however, on the flip (left) side it was a white silvering hue which we noted as its blind side due to not having eyeballs on this side, as for this species, they migrate around to the right side.

Flashy Flounder
Our third catch was a Silver Hake Whiting.  This fish was about 7-10", the color was not a full silver hue, but it was black mix with silver tones.  We kept this pair around for the trip, and used one as bait which I think was on his last moments of life.  This fish is a neighborhood favorite where I live.  In someways, it reminds me of a gold fish, except longer and darker.

Our last catch was of the infamous Stripe Bass.  Mr. SB was the highlight of our fishing recreation coming in at a length of 38" which I called out after merely catching a glance at it from my peripheral view.  I have been told by a young classmate in Summer I that I have "measuring eyes" ability which is to perceive the most accurate measure of something without a ruler, ha-ha!
The Stripe Bass color was a granite silver with black and some white under tones.  Also, lending to its first name Stripe there were 8 horizontal stripes along the body.  I was very excited, and appreciative of getting to take home a piece for cooking, but sorry to report due to the HOT weather my fish turned fishy...eww!

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