Saturday, July 12, 2014

My First Day on the Boston Harbor

Upon our arrival at the harbor, I first notice what I thought to be slightly dirty water.  Then i realized that what I thought was dirty, wasn't really dirty at all….it was just different color gooey algae.  The algae on the docs were all sorts of colors: green carpet like; bright orange and red mushroom like; green lettuce like and yellow.  I noticed what I thought was quite disgusting is actually not disgusting at all, but beautiful.  I also saw kelp and barnacles which kind of reminded me of spongebob.  

I saw HUGE striped bass.  They seemed to be very hungry and had no qualms about surfacing and eating the bread that we fed them.  I can't help but think if the striped bass is different in other parts of the harbor where people can actually fish.  They appeared to be about 25-35 pounds and probably about 12-15 inches in length.  There were quite a few as well.  

A very interesting site was the black bird that would dive and catch small fish in the water.  I actually witnessed this bird catch a fish and counted the duration it was submerged in the water without air.  36 seconds.

Once on the boat, I began to see an abundant amount of jelly fish.  I noticed that the jelly fish had four triangular like markings on the center.  Some jelly fish however, only  had 3 or even two triangles.  I late found that this is a sign that their lives will be ending soon as they already reproduced and grown to full capacity.

I was able to see the huge egg like poop tanks.  They looked like they were all in a circle and were located on Deer Island.  I saw many beautiful homes and trees as well as numerous sail boats.  It seems, we are not the only ones that appreciate the marine.  

On the boat, I was unable to notice much besides the beautiful city and islands because I was a little far.  However, one thing I will never forget is to STAY ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE MARKS AND RED BOOEYS! We saw a boat caught in the over washed island called Nix's Mate.  Perhaps the captain didn't see the small land that still peaks through the water but I did see that it was very visible on our way back.  

All in all, I enjoyed myself and look forward to another fun filled day tomorrow.  

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