Saturday, July 12, 2014

Intro and do you see the water go bloop-bloop...down in your sink. Is there a difference of drain exit in NA vs. SA...only the eyes can see


I have always thought of myself as one who is open to explore new things in life, yet I found that my explorations were merely limited culturally; however, I feel I have progressed since being a university student.  My horizons have recently opened to a whole new palate of the world during a time where people are more accepting of other individuals own cultural point of view sort of phrased "modeling culture shift."  So, as these experiences morphed me into a solid individual apart from being a daughter, sister, wife, and mother, I actually believe in a saying, I heard a few years back in a lecture..."Go Ahead & Be Infectious!" 

Guess blogging is a piece of cake, right?  Now onto the auto-pilot intro that includes my name which you know from class this evening, my zodiac sign is Aquarius; the water sign...hint-hint guess that is why I have an innate love to explore the water and I was proudly born the year of 1972 in Boston.  My hobbies are reading, and just being me.

This next section will be about my observation of our 1st class field trip to the ladies room in MET building basement to gain perspective of the way a sink drains in your view...clockwise or counter decide
  •  Which way did the water drain in the sink you observed?
In my opinion, I initially thought of an answer based solely on perception, but better yet really nothing because I had never asked, nor had any inclination to think about it on a large scale for a theory.  Next, Prof. Berman suggested we adopt the motto to always know for sure based on science which will take some time to do a student of this class, but is achievable.  As a group, we entered the ladies bathroom to do the experiment of filling up the sink with H2O while covering the drain with our hand, then removing our hand to allow the water to make its bloop-bloop down the drain...reminded me of the old cartoon of the hound repeatedly saying to the other hound, "which way did it go George."  My eyes watched the sink as the water drained to see the direction of clockwise, even though we were trying to watch both sinks, I did see it go this way.
  •  Which way does the water drain in Northern hemisphere vs. Southern hemisphere?
On the one hand, the demonstrating Professor Kylo in the video experimented did this scientific experiment represent fact that water drains clockwise or counter clockwise based on what hemisphere in the world it drained.  The experiment was conducted by placing a match stick to represent the evenness of the water, then as it drained to show circular movement while in the northern hemisphere representing the direction of clockwise.  On the other hand, opposed to the science behind the direction water drains in the southern hemisphere states, it to be clockwise, as well.  However, both could occur in either hemispheres.  Therefore, the debate still remains unsolvable but with more experimentation this can be examined and proven with the use of the Coriolis effect.


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