Thursday, July 24, 2014

Assignment 2-Snail shells on the rock by the seahore

As we already found two same kind of snails alive on the way back to the boat,  we can affirm those shell found on the rock are land snails.  But why are they appeared on the rock by the seashore and by the side of roads?  Before answer the question,  I would like to share some findings during my vacation this week at Nantucket Islands beach.  While I walked along on the beach,  I noticed a lot of seagulls caught shellfishes
And then, they flew on top of a parking lot  by a beach restaurant to drop the shellfishes on the hard ground of the parking lot and I heard the sound of the shell cracked.
The process made the bird easier to open the shell and eat them.

The last thing I found was analogous to those we saw on the rock of Lovell's seashore.
Therefore, I assume the birds dropped the snails on the hard surfaces of  rock and road to help them eat the snails more easily.  I guess that's why those shells were there!

Photo of my notes-I think I could never be Picasso!


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