Thursday, July 24, 2014

S2W Part II: Tide Pool -Lovells Island

Our part II adventure of the day occurred on Lovells Island, National Park area.  Thanks to Mr. Charlie G we arrived fresh off the boat "Belle" from the Boston Harbor waters to start our field observation on land. was a scorcher on the HOT dial!

In the 3 tide pools, I observed several of the same species being the Periwinkle, Barnacle, Invasive Asian Shore Crab, then on land an uncommon colored (not traditional red) Lady Bug  that was -yellow and it was found in my hair :)!
This species was seen in all the tidal pools ( Common Perwinkle) we visited which is noted in our hitchhikers guide.

Periwinkle drawing

Invasive Asian Shore Crab

The IASC lives in the intertidal and sub-tidal habitat while its reproductive season is May thru September.  The crab I held in between my thumb and forefinger was about the size in between a nickel/dime circumference.

Yellow Lady Bug
The barnacle, I observed was the Northern Rock Barnacle which is a noted hitchhiker guide.

The lady bug species is considered to be nature's pest control.  Unfortunately, I could not find the proper name of this species.

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