Thursday, July 24, 2014

Assignments 1 & 2

Hi everyone how are you doing? I smell like BBQ potato thats great for me. Thanks so much for asking!

This week I think we kicked the shit out of everything even more than we did the week before..if thats even possible!

We got to start off the day on a freaking boat! Pretty much the best thing thats ever happened to any of us I bet. We got to hang out with Captain Charlie who's suuuuper OG.

We got to be professional fishermen! I mean you're only legit if you actually catch a fish...which I I am...IN YOUR FACESSS! I caught a 12 inch Flounder, which swallowed the hook so it started gushing blood..I also have never seen a real flounder before, and I was pretty much shocked that it did not look like Flounder from the little mermaid.

Also I totally touched the sea worms...which were the most hideous things I've ever seen in my life. But obviously fish really like them, because we caught a whole bunch of them! I mean I think Dan pretty much kicked the shit out of all of us with that 38 in bass. That was pretty wicked.
I could have done that all day! 
I'm pretty much great at fishing now're welcome.

So once we had to get off the boat we got to go to Lovells Island...where they have exactly zero people and two bathrooms. We walked to the beach which was so great...and um we found lots of cool stuff...that lived/died there.

 My notes are so beautiful. You're welcome. #blessed #grateful.

We had a scavenger hunt for four different life forms.

  1. Asian Shore Crab
  2. Barnacle
  3. Periwinkle
  4. Hermit Crab
so that was great for us. Also I had no idea that a slipper shell was actually an animal...looks like a snail. Pretty sweet. We were also supposed to find another living thing. We found some tadpoles! Which I was actually surprised were there because whenever I think of tadpoles I think of a gross little static pond.

So we got to crawl around in the water and that was pretty great...I got a sandal tan and burned my shoulders. But I look crispy now so don't worry about it!


the pride of boston & kid who can lift really heavy things, Deanna.


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