Saturday, July 12, 2014

3 elements on the 2nd day of BHC: talkin/walkin/ridin- BH observance; 2nd assignment

We wrapped up a ½ day of lecture and class discussion on our 2nd day, to comprehend the 1st assignment question titled “which does the water drain from a sink in the NA vs. SA hemisphere” resulting in that it could be either direction of clockwise, counter clockwise or both which included the relation of the Coriolis effect.  As we exited the Fuller building the heat of the mid-afternoon felt all of its predicted 88°.  We left at 12:16 pm departing on the B trolley #3803B from campus t-stop:  Boston University Central riding upon on a semi full car. I was good in managing myself in my space on the trolley with a full bag & chair in tow; I start my blog, so that I do not lose momentum of the true experience. When I observe the T riders on the trolley, I peek over to my right, and see/hear a trio of our male classmates engulfed in several light bursts of "water cooler" type conversations about the class and life. Therefore, I complete my thought for the blog, then take a little break to relax with 2 more stops to go exiting at Park St where I must transfer from the Green line to Orange, then on to Blue for arrival at the final destination at the Aquarium t-stop.
In my observation, along the piers 1st dock session, Prof. BB told us to watch for something while standing at the water passage surrounding the dock as he tossed in pieces of French bread.  As we waited standing in a jumbled line across the dock, us students were eager to watch for "something" as we waiting, then realized the bread was a bait to allure a school of stripe bass…wow!  They swam underneath the water not in my immediate vision, then rose up to the water surface so warm and beautiful merely midway out of the water to feast on the bread.  In the meantime, while a delay of the more stripe bass emerged, the show off ducks took position and began diving and skating across the water for a few pieces of bread that were left for grabs.  Meanwhile, at the 2nd dock session, I observed aquatic plant life in the water on the barb of a floating house docked which was signified in an array of colors such as brown, green, and a few on the orange spectrum.  I believe it was roughly a ½ dozen + organisms to recall that were jelly fish, stripe bass, ducks, cormorants, and minnow fish akin to a slim goldfish that I saw.  Next, while passing a tide pool at our 3rd dock session, along the pier, I observed sediment with rock weed on and around it which I heard Prof. BB describe their function in the water was that they “popped when thrown to water” and its representation there deemed a harbors healthy improvement.  A few feet away we met a dedicated member of the BHC that was mentored by Prof. BB which was a warm and refreshing knowledgeable girl sort of embarrassed by being put on the spot, but she was confident and answered all of the questions Prof. B rattled off her way with solid answers.  Also, along here were 2 other species, I observed which were Algae and white (pictured in our seashore guide as ivory) Barnacles of variety said to “open at night upon touch by the water it extends its arm and opens up.  In our last stop, we have our last dock session while awaiting the boat to view the islands up to Hull/Hingham under the Airport water taxi across from a community assisted build of Christopher Columbus park included sections for tots, dogs, and adults to sit on back to back benches for enjoyment of the area from either view, as this positive result was born from a 21 month policy conflict.  Also, it was good to know if bar patrons, or other citizens fell in the water that in place every 100 yards that there were ladders to return you to safety…great agreeable idea policy makers!  When our boat arrived we boarded together with Prof. BB at the head of the line guiding all students to the top of the boat for our stake of seating in order to have a clear view of the islands.  Therefore, while riding out on the water we encountered a few heavy waves up against the boat which rocked its body to cause me acute motion sickness from my head to my tummy, even though the view was pretty as the city disappeared behind us, it just did not feel pretty on my tummy 😒…LOL!

photo credit by Charlette

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