Saturday, July 12, 2014

Catherine Zhang--Assigment 2: experience of field trip to Boston Harbor

                Today, we spent several hours to see the nice views of islands near Boston Harbor. Instead of just riding the boat while enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze (or just huge wind?), I learned a lot from this experience.We went out around 1:40 (OK I was late and sorry about that......). Today's tide is high tide.
                First we arrived near the Aquarium Station for the boat tour. But before that, we had a small tour around shore. While waiting near the aquarium, the professor magically took out a stick of bread (what the hell?) and threw bread pieces into the small area of the river. First I thought since there are so many tourists and the area is as small as the school indoor pool which Is for beginners or children, will any bird and fish feed on the bread? At the beginning the duck on the side didn’t even bother to look at the bread, but then couple of ducks, sea gulls came over to join the meal. Suddenly, I saw huge fish just came out the water and swallowed the whole piece of bread. These striped basses are all as long as my lower leg or even longer.

                While walking behind of the aquarium, we also noticed that one black bird paddling its fins in the water and then head down into the water. Every 30 seconds it came out with fish in its mouth.
                As we kept walking, the professor showed us a tiny ecosystem: on the side of a dam, there are all kinds of seaweeds growing as each of them has different color. As little fishes and other microbe feed on them, the dam side turns to a tiny world as species live upon it. We also saw tons of jelly fish floating on the water surface (First I didn't notice them, I just thought there were a lot of white plastic bags in the river and how could people do that...), it was sad that it either reproduces and dies out or burn to death by the sun.
                Then we finally got on the T Boat (it has a big T on the side), we saw several islands nearby the Boston Harbor which are Georges Island, Lovells Island, Bumpkin (pumpkin, lol) Island, Hull gut and Peddocks  Island.
 I realize it is very important to pay attention to things which I think does not matter; like from the field trip, we know a piece of swamp can be paradise to variety of lives or the side of the dams there are many varieties of weed growing there to support other lives. I also need to put deeper thoughts about what is this thing? Why such thing is like this? With good observation, small things can be fun and knowledgeable.

PS: Before we left the shore, I saw two shiny round pieces in the mud as the low tide replace high tide, I think that is the dead jellyfish, even it is such pity that they were pushed by wave and stuck on the shore and slowly dry out. At this moment, I only saw two pure and beautiful jellyfish lying there.

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