Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lost (like the tv show, get it?)

Hey again guys! How are you? My leg is asleep so thats really comfortable and great for me. Thanks so much for asking!

As we were leaving the Beach Bruce made us stop and look at a concrete pile that fell off the path...there were shells in it..thats what we stopped for. And we totally understood what it was about and Bruce wasn't being cryptic about it at all. So we climbed up the hill of rocks which was just..really great. But we figured out that the shells weren't from periwinkles but they were garden snails! FROM LAND! So we were searching for I would say 100 years for a live one! Joann was the first to find one! It was a lil baybee snail <3 #baybee #snail #Joann #hunterhunted 
We had to figure out how they got on the beach and why they were cracked, delicate, and different colors. Bruce was ...really giving us so many hints...and totally helping us out #grateful.

I think (and by think I mean know, because I'm a god damn genius dammit) that the snails were picked up by birds and dropped/ cracked open so they could eat the snails...because we already learned that birds do that. Some of the shells were super hot and colorful, and some were kind of chalky colored, I figured that was because of the different calcium intakes of each snail, the more calcium, the stronger they are the less calcium, the more fragile.

You're welcome.

But after that we cut up the fish... and ate it and stuff 

Sonja is disgusting 

So is John Paul

This part was pretty much great.

So I also have a quick question. We all know these grow near water, and on beach towns and stuff...But I saw them growing in Belmont which isn't even on the river so...can these be transplanted or how far from the water do they spread? Think about it. You're welcome.

After we dropped Bruce off at his boat house Charlie got the party started. Anybody who is anybody knows what I'm saying.

After we got off the boat we all went and got some killer food and tequila shots. Because we are always together. 
After Chris dropped JP and myself at home (props to Chris) we all decided we were going to go out later that night...because we weren't with each other enough that day...
We went to this club that was really freaking hot, and made me sweat...and they served cheap tequila...the shitty kind that burns going down. And I hated that. But we all looked fine as hell and killed it on the dance floor.


the light of your lives & kid who can jump rope really good,


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