Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scary stuff under our noses!

After taking a scary boat ride to the Fan Pier we investigated a cruel-some murder scene. Birds used the Fan Pier to throw mussels from the sky and break their shells. The professor forced us to poke through the poor mussels where we found barnacle crusting on to the shelf and to look under the sides of the pier where we saw the usual red bushy moss like plant life and green and red seaweed that looked like the wonderful lettuce from the sea! That only lasted for a moment because soon we were behind the crab shack where Cthulhu lives...

Broken into groups with Team One; Deanna, James, and me braved the one pier where manage to secure this shaky video, it was very scary (Blogger doesn't want to upload it: We saw what I thought were spiders but later discover to be skeleton shrimps and what appeared to be a sack attached to the line we pulled.

Thankfully we did not ran into Cthulhu.

Pictures by James!

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