Sunday, July 13, 2014

How do you began to explain an experience,that takes your breathe way? The harbor experience as I will call it was wonderful, beautiful, yet new but not so much. Found myself exploring new thing right in my back yard, using that old saying or wise tale when your in the house you can't see what is on the outside of the house. Meaning living in the city, we get stuck within not really venturing out side of the city much understanding our surrounding, and today was my day I almost forgot that we as a city have so much to offer from some of the best colleges, the worlds best sport teams, and today I found some of the worlds best views and unique island get always for a small fee. 
We have 12 beaches and island to rest and relax too the terrain for hiking and exploring like Thompson island  which we all know too spectacle island which was a knew one for me . The ride on the boat today was also new I have never seen the harbor in this way or been on the public transportation systems, I found out today that it was fairly new about 20 years old. One of Boston's famous island is deer island which for a small island has a lot going within its little crust from chemical plants to housing  Boston's homeless. Hewitt's cove which is a beautiful  stop of many little towns held for me some interesting sites like the their a eight levies  and a beautiful  wood pier  Leading to some new seaside houses or condos being built right long the seaside and my favorite thing to eat lobster. The view of the blue hill mountains from the seaside view was  breath taking since I have only seen it from the street level ,which is also called blue hill avenue. 

Today exploration was filled with small jelly fish, I learned today if they where not pulsating , they where dead which their where a lot of dead ones but I did get a chance to see alive jelly fish. I also learned about the hidden secret using bread to bring up the biggest stripper bass I have ever seen. I found out that the length must be about 28 inches and only 2 fish  a day are the rules.the fish swam in a narrow nook around the pier, surrounded around algae, which looked grassy. On the other side of the long wharf there where  other forms different colors bright green ,reds  seaweed and orange  mushroom colored seaweed even kelp. I learned about tidal pools with rocks that had barnacles white or ivory growing on them and rock weed.
I seen a  black duck drive for fish,which is called American Black duck which are known to Boston Harbor, the duck drove under water for about 30-60 sec

Overall today's experience was one of my best being an Boston residents. I can't wait to show what I have learned and to pass along my experiences and lessons
Learned to my friends and family.
Charleen Choice 

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