Sunday, July 13, 2014

First Day at Boston Harbor 7-12-2014

Thousands of people from all cultures and backgrounds flock towards the water and 34 Islands that make up the Boston Harbor everyday through the summer months in droves.  However, I don’t know if they will ever get to see it from our viewpoint advantage by having Bruce as a guide.  He is helping us to take a closer and upfront look at the world we think we know. 
We made our way to the water at 2:00pm with the tide already beginning to recede which allowed us to more easily view some of the species that share live below the water’s edge.  The first thing brought to our attention was a pair of striped bass, as they swam up to the top of the water to enjoy pieces of tossed bread.  Who knew that fish would eat bread?  I certainly didn’t. 
While strolling around the dock, a long necked black bird was spotted diving down into the water for its lunch.  After searching the web, it appears that the closest looking match to me is called the double-crested Cormorant (as shown below from All About Birds website below):
Heading out towards the entryway of the T’s Waterway Shuttle (from Boston to Hingham) a tide pool was pointed out to us where algae, seaweed and barnacles share their space among the rocks, docks and piers. 
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We then took the shuttle out to Hingham and back observing several of the islands that make up the Boston Harbor; including: Deer Island with the waste facility and three solar windmills, Georges Island with the historic Fort Warren remains, Spectacle Island, and Long Island which was pointed out to be the longest of the island group.  We also saw a sailboat that hit one of the remains of an island and got stuck on top of it due to the receding tide.  As we headed out to Hingham, the water was still surrounding the boat while on its side; however, upon the return trip back to Boston, the boat was totally out of the water on the rocks. 
Once we docked in back in Boston we debarked and made our plans to meet up for tomorrow.  When leaving, I headed towards a crowd that was gathering at the edge of the park.  There was a group of street performers from New York putting on a show which demonstrated their amazing dancing skills and humor.  What a great way to end the day!
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