Thursday, July 31, 2014

Assigment 1

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Observe the direction the water drains in the Northern Hemisphere

Location of Observation:  Bottom Floor, Ladies Room, BU MET Building 755 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA

Time/Date of Observation:  800 PM, 11 July 2014

Situation:   1. The drain was blocked with a Student’s hand.

       2. The sink was filled with water to approximately 1/4 of it's capacity.

       3. When Observers/Students were ready-The Student's hand was removed to let the water drain naturally down the drain.

Observations:  To this Student, the water drained in a clockwise direction down the drain.

Question:  Does water drain in the same direction in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere or dose it drain in different directions, i.e. clockwise-counterclockwise?

Answer: According to my research water can drain in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions in both Hemisphere.

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3. The great plughole debate.
Does water really swirl in the opposite direction south of the equator? Well, yes and no, finds David Adam. 

David Adam
The Guardian,

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