Saturday, July 12, 2014

Harbor Party #1

Oh hi! How are you guys? Im great, thanks so much for asking! Today we went on our first adventure on the Majestic Boston Harbor. I think we pretty much killed it today, am I right?

We started at about 2:00 pm, after an exhilarating class lecture, which was pretty sweet. Hard act to follow. We went our separate ways, and I had lunch with my fans ( you're welcome). 
We met up at the super classilicious Starbucks, and went out and fed some ducks...but we also fed striped bass. To my surprise those guys like bread as much as I do! Those guys have no shame I bet..just swimming up to guys, asking for bread and stuff! 
That was pretty sweet.

We got to take a look at these human savages infesting the whole freaking wharf! 
We got to look at the bottom of that neat house boat where those guys were pretty much living the dream...I don't think they realized they had a sea monster growing under their boat..Oh it wasn't a sea monster? it was..algea?..and plankton? WHAT?! I know super gross...but also super cool that all those different species can co-habitate! They aren't even racist! No war among that plankton and algae!

After we hung out with the organic boat clingers, we got to go on our super exclusive yacht!

These guys were having "too good a time" obviously.

It was so beautiful on the boat!...I mean yacht.. I even got to relive my 4th/5th grade glory days, learning about good old deer island!

But obviously...the most important thing that you should take advantage of when on a boat....taking some wicked selfies!
You probably didn't realize you had super models on the yacht along side you.

It was awesome to get to go get to know our home in the harbor, and get to hang out with each other!

until next time!
the pride of Boston & Walking miracle, 
Deanna <3 <3 <3

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