Saturday, July 12, 2014

my introduction to a world I thought I knew

When we got to the Marriott, I though I had a good handle on the wildlife that inhabits Boston Harbor. After all, I work here, I am a guide here, I grew up here...this is my passion. And then Bruce started speaking.

It wasn't really when he was speaking about the birds or the jelly fish, but about the sea weed. Pointing out the various kinds and colors, I was reminded that I have a lot to learn, especially about the ecosystem that is Boston Harbor. We studied species at the dock by the marina, and then we boarded the boat, which was to take us to George's Island, Hingham, Hull, East Boston, and eventually back to the wharf...and saw a world that was new to me.

Deer Island, with all of it's modern facilities, keeping the bay clean. The islands, some alive with the buzz of human activity, some deserted due to asbestos, and the waterways full of boats...some with skilled captains and others capsized after not following the rules of the water which ensure safety for all.

Overall, today was enlightening. Both as a lover of water and a resident of the Boston area. There is more to Boston Harbor than originally is pulsing with life, both biped and sea life, all essential to the cycle of life around us.

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