Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beautiful Boston Harbor on Saturday afternoon

We arrived at Long Wharf around 2:00 PM.   At the beginning,  Professor Berman threw some bread into the harbor to attract something under the water.  After a while,  some striped bass about 1.5 feet long and 30 lb weights started to eat the bread.  In the mean time,  We also noticed some jelly fish in the water.
While we proceeded to another side of harbor,  we saw a black diving bird catching fish.  It stayed under the water about 35 seconds.  I google it and found it looks like a cormorant.

Later on,  We observed the color of some objects on a floating dock including parsley green, brown red and orange color.

At 3:30, We boarded  Hingham Hull Logan Boston ferry. The route map is as follow.  On the boat,  We saw a lot of islands but I could not count if the number of islands is 34.  We did find some island which Professor Berman mentioned earlier in the class including Long island, George's island and Lovell's island.
To sum up, it was quite a pleasant journey and I am sure we will have another terrific Sunday on Boston Harbor.

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