Friday, July 31, 2009

Hi my name is Wade Megan and I am currently a freshman at Boston University.  I am from Canton, New York and have grown up near the ocean my whole life.  In the summer I love fishing and that is my main obsession with the ocean.  I wanted to take this class because it seemed different from other science courses in the way that we're able to get out on the water and learn with a hands-on approach.

As for the question about which way the sink drains in Australia, I was able to find out that it actually has nothing to do with the Earth at all.  Some scientists believed that the Coriolis Deflection caused the sink to drain a certain way depending on which hemisphere you are in, but in fact it does not.  The Coriolis Deflection only effects big bodies of water, therefore the drainage from a sink has to do with the construction of the sink.

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