Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Assignment #1

Hello class I am Brian Strait from Waltham massachusetts. I just finished up my junior year here at BU and currently closing in on graduating. I will not be back on campus for my senior year unfortunately, so I will be taking summer classes from here on in to finish out my degree. I am a history major in the metropolitian school and I need this class to fulfill a science requirement. That doesn't mean that I am not excited for this class. I cannot wait to start because a friend of mine took this class last year, enjoyed it, and thought he got more out of it than any other class he has taken. That is actually the reason why I chose it over a boring science class where you sit inside all day long.

As for the direction in which water drains on the opposite side of the earth I would have to believe that it would be the same as here, clockwise. From the articles which I have read the coriolis effect has nothing to do with the way water goes down a drain therefore it is that same everywhere in the world. The myth that it drains the opposite way can be put to rest.


See you all saturday,

Brian Strait

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