Thursday, July 30, 2009

Assignment *1

Hey Everyone! So to introduce myself, my name is Monique Bellefleur. I am a Senior in the College of Arts and Sciences at BU majoring in Psychology. I'm also from West Chicago, IL. I decided to take this class because I am graduating a semester early and needed just four more credits to do so. I am going to Paris in the fall on a BU abroad program so I had to finish the four credits before then. I also work for BU's freshmen orientation so this was the one and only class that fit with my bizarre work schedule (we only work 3 days a week, but around the clock). I think this is a pretty awesome class to be the only one fitting into my schedule though! I'm not huge on science, but I do love marine life.

I love the ocean mostly because of what is in it: the fish, marine animals, reefs, etc. The National Geographic articles on the deep sea have always been my favorite. I am looking forward to seeing sea-life first hand. On the other hand, I despise sand. I hate how sand has a way of clinging to your body and never letting go although I do understand I will have to get over my dislike at least for the time being that we are in this class. Plus, I have yet to see the Harbor Islands and since I'm leaving Boston forever soon, I think this class is a wonderful way in which to experience them.

As far as the water draining question goes, I went to a purely academic site (not) called "The Straight Dope: fighting ignorance since 1973". The site said the theory that water drains different directions in the different hemispheres is indeed a myth. The way in which the water drains mostly depends on the shape of the sink and drain. Although the coreolis effect holds true for natural disasters, it does not for our own bathrooms.

See you Saturday!
Monique Bellefleur

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